On Friday,28th Feb, 2020, a team of twenty three staff members consisting of nineteen males , the director included, and four females left school for a three-day team building event in Nanyuki town and climbing of Mount Kenya.

team building activity

The number of females who attended was less because most of them are still young mothers with infants who are less than a year old. So we heeded to their request to have them remain behind to tend to the young children .
Since we do not have a school bus of our own, we hired two vans that transported the team from Nairobi to Nanyuki a distance of about one hundred and ninety five kilometers away.
We arrived safely and checked into a Family Comfort Hotel in Nanyuki town. We held a short briefing in a conference room over a cup of tea and orientation. We thereafter laid out our plan of activities for the time we would be there.
We had dinner and thereafter everyone went to bed to have enough rest and sleep in readiness for the following dayOn Saturday 29th Feb, we woke up by half past seven o’clock, took a our breakfast thereafter began our team-building activities that took place the whole day with a lunch break.
Later that evening ,we had a goat-eating party with lots of drinks.
Sunday morning, we woke up as usual. This was the toughest and the most challenging day.
A heavy breakfast was made in preparation for the task ahead; climbing Mt. Kenya.
At nine o’clock, we set off for the mountain climbing. It was not that easy for some of us. We began together as a team but three members never made it to our final point. The terrain, air pressure and extreme weather conditions was unbearable for them. They had to return to Old Moses Camp.
We made it to a height of 3800M above sea level having covered an elevation distance of five hundred meters in three hours.
A heavy downpour was imminent as the mountain had been fully covered by clouds and snow by the time we reached that altitude.
Having achieved our objectives, we travelled back to the city on Sunday evening and arrived safely .
It was an experience of a lifetime for all who went for the excursion.

The youngest kids received gifts and toys from Wings of Support.


These young learners were so jovial to receive gifts and toys from wings of support.They had the best day ever.Special thanks goes to Wings of Support for the stuff.We also thank Nelleke ,Cornie and Oma for making this a success.

It is always an good gesture to put a smile on these young kids  faces.You too can bring a change into their lives through our various programs.

Boston Girls High School participating in the semi finals match against Peter Kibukosya Girls School on 25th May,2019, despite the rains.

A school is not only a Centre of Academics Excellence but also an avenue that provides children with an opportunity to identify their talents and develop them. At Boston, we take sports as one of our major co-curricular activities. Once we identify the talents among our children, we train, nurture and assist these children develop it. One major challenge we face in doing this is insufficient materials and equipment to make this dream become a reality. As in football, we do not have balls, football boots, stockings, jerseys, training kits, goal nets etc. This has hindered our training sessions and in some cases led to injuries and accidents as the children are forced to play barefoot or wear some rubber shoes bearing in mind the bad terrain of our playground. This term ,we had the opportunity to qualify and participate in Nairobi County Schools Sports Association.
Despite the challenges, our girls and boys displayed extremely wonderful skills. During a tournament held a week ago, we managed to outshine a few schools .We did our best and proceeded to the quarter finals. The girls played better than the boys. They managed to secure a slot in the semi finals and final matches set to take place on 8th June,2019.
Trainings are on high gear. We are optimistic that they will triumph against their opponents and emerge the winners thereafter be crowned 2019 Nairobi County Schools Football Champions.
We kindly request for assistance to acquire the necessary sports equipment to help these young generation.
We are in dire need of balls, football boots, stockings, jerseys, training kits, goal nets and many more. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

In this modern world, technology has become a major part and parcel of us. In almost every field of study and practice, computer technology and knowledge is applied. It is for this reason that at Boston, we see and feel the need to introduce our learners early to Information Technology. This will enable them acquire the basics and fundamental knowledge pertaining to computers. With our team of qualified teachers, we believe the learners will acquire firsthand information. We have a dedicated Computer Lab where learners are taught.
In our previous newsletters, we reached out to you through a humble appeal to kindly help us acquire these equipment. I am pleased to report here that we managed to get some laptops and a desktop as seen in the above photo in mid May. Special thanks goes to Drents Museum, Nelleke ,Cornie and Chris for your contribution towards this worthy course. I also want to take this golden opportunity to thank Fokelein who managed to bring all these stuff with her to Nairobi. Thank you all for the machinery and the different roles you played to ensure these products reach us safely. The laptops are of good quality and performance. Two of them are already issued to our students in University to help them in their studies.
Apart from the computers, there were gifts for the children as well consisting of clothing and toiletries. May God bless you abundantly for such a wonderful spirit of giving.
We are still in need of more of such stuff for the benefit of our children.

Boston Boys High School participating in the quarter finals match against Embakasi Garrison School on 25th May,2019.

From Left: Joy Enoti, Jesca Wanjiru, Margret Kwamboka, Novella Akoth, Brenda Khavai, Nikita Mukami, Poliete Okutoyi, Selvin Nyangu, Ann Washeke, Maryann Nyambura, Miriam Wangui, Veline Chiteri, Mr.Barasa(Coach)

In this modern world, a learner is expected to be computer literate. This is because almost everywhere you go, computer knowledge is applied. This is why we feel the need to introduce our learners to basic computer skills early in their school life.
The computers are being used to teach the students basic skills in computing with classes being held three times a week in high school. Some of the lessons they learn are majorly on Introduction to computers, Keyboarding, Microsoft office, Simple Graphic Design, Interne and Email.
At the end of a lesson , a teacher gives an assignment to the students. This will be done during their free time and a presentation will be made in the next lesson. The students also use computers for essay writings, designing debate posters and bulletins and notices.
Early this month, we received a full computer package consisting of a HP CPU, keyboard, mouse, TFT screen, two power cords and a VGA cable from one of our sponsors, Nelleke. Thank you so much for your donation. May God bless you in plenty.


On the 21st of January at noon, we had the pleasure to receive a team of six guests from Holland.

The team consisted of Wilma, Liesbeth, Ambroos, Pim, Annemiek and Sybren. They were welcomed by the school director, Mr Stephen Okwaro, the teachers and the learners.

The visitors, the director, the principal together with the girls pose for a photo

The visitors had lunch with the director. Afterwards, they were taken round the school premises. They interacted with the learners in their classrooms and the teachers in their staff rooms.

They visited the school garden where we grow vegetables, beans, maize, bananas and sugarcane that we use to feed the children.

The director shares with the visitors what goes on in the school farm.

They visited the Rescue Home as well where some of the destitute stay.

The visitors toured high school as well. In high school, we have a dream to install solar power panel to enable us to have a consistent power to pump our water supply for our needs and sell the rest to the community. Currently, we source electricity from the sole power provider in Kenya, Kenya Power and Lighting Company. Frequent power blackouts affect our supply. Huge monthly electricity bills also affect our income.
Boston High School water tower.

We are also in the initial stages of planning to initiate a Bottled Drinking Water Project. This is aimed at creating job opportunities to those who have passed through Boston. This will also improve their living standards.

The project will also create revenue to the school and have the net income channelled to other areas that need improvement.

We are calling upon organizations, friends, well-wishers to help us realize the two dreams.


This was an eventful year for us. Last year, we had fifty candidates who passed their final exam in primary and they were set to join high school. Due to the high cost of fees and boarding equipment in secondary school, many faced a challenge of not joining form one.

We approached one of our sponsor co-ordinators, Ildiko and fortunately, she managed to facilitate the education of ten of our students in form one and two in form four.

These are bright but needy students who need support for a bright future. We believe that should they be supported, they will be able to pursue courses of their choice in future, acquire employment and sustain themselves.

I take this opportunity to thank you so much Ildiko, From Hand to Hand Organization for the wonderful act of giving. May God bless you all abundantly.

We have plenty of bright and needy slum children both in primary and secondary school here in Boston who are in need of support.

We are calling upon interested parties to get in touch with us and help sponsor a child.


At the beginning of this year, we received a donation from one of our sponsors, Cornelis. He bought us new high school textbooks that were needed by the teachers and the students for teaching and revision purposes.
We believe these books will help improve the level of academic performance among our students.

This will rank Boston at the highest level and recognition among the best performing schools in Kenya
In our primary section, we have a shortage of stationery as well. The textbooks we have are of the old edition. The children do not have enough exercise books, pens and pencils. The pieces of chalk we use produce a lot of dust that is a health concern to both teachers and children. We are requesting for smartboards to help improve learning.

We are calling upon well-wishers, friends,organizations  to come to our aid.

A visit to Uganda

A couple of weeks ago, school director Stephen and social worker Wendo from Boston Children Centre visited Uganda, where they participated in a course in poultry farming. They also met with colleagues engaged in similar activities as B.C.C. More details >>

Governmental scholarship for one of our students

Due to her outstanding KCPE results Melvin is sponsored by the wife of the Deputy President of Kenya to join the national school Butere Girls High School. More details >>

Construction works are undergoing in BHS

Fortunately we recently have received funds from Holland for building a kitchen and a perimeter wall around the girls’ hostel. More details >>

Best KCPE results in Boston

Boston Schools Matopeni class 8 pupils got the best results in the larger, Nairobi East province – and much above the country average – for KCPE (primary school final exams) in 2015. More details >>

Prayer Day for Candidates

On the 9th of October we held prayers for High School candidates. In the congregation were parents, guardians, teachers, subordinate staff and board members of Boston Centre. Photos and more info >>

Sponsor a ChildBoston Children Center

By our ‘Sponsor a child’ program you can directly help a needy kid and cover all his costs of going to school (school fee, uniform, feeding, books etc.).

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