In our February 2019 Newsletter, I highlighted the challenges we had at our Rescue Home where we cater for our orphans. We had bedding in poor conditions, insufficient equipment and nagging bugs.
Good News!! Thanks to one of our major sponsors and co-ordinators, Ildiko and From Hand to Hand Organization (FHTH). They came to our support and solved the issue amicably.
She sent us funds that enabled us to repair and paint the broken beds, buy new items such as mosquito bed nets, basins, buckets, cups and pesticides against bedbugs.
I am pleased to report here that our children can now have a peaceful and enjoyable stay at the Rescue Home.
Thank you so much for the kind gesture.
As the saying goes, ”Blessed is the hand that giveth.”
May God bless you abundantly
Beds repaired and painted
Pesticides sprayed
New equipment