Rescue home

Our Rescue Home was started in 2009. That year three children lost their both parents – due to HIV/AIDS – and another one lost her mother – due to throat cancer – and as their extended family members were not willing to accommodate them in their homes, they had feared becoming street children. Then we decided to take care of them and established our Rescue Home.

At the moment we have 20 orphans in the Rescue Home, those who are the neediest.

The costs of running the Rescue Home sum up to 70,000 KSH a month including the costs of the everyday expenses of the kids (food, clothes, toiletries, taking them to the doctor if needed etc.) and Susan’s, the caretaker’s salary who is with the kids every day 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, currently we have problems to finance all the costs of the Rescue Home, so we kindly ask all our friends, supporters and well-wishers to help us to maintain the Rescue Home and provide kids with their every day necessities.

We are grateful for all donations no matter how small as every penny counts and helps us to safe needy kids.

To find more about how to donate this project and/or our school visit here. (If you wish to support the Rescue home, please do not forget to indicate “Rescue home” for your bank transfer.)