Water project in BHS

The biggest challenge for the Boston High School is the unreliable availability of clean water and the need for water storage tanks. Water is life – a vital element for human life –, we need it for drinking, cooking and cleaning, and we use it in the toilets as well.

Unfortunately the Boston High School is not getting water reliably from the Nairobi city council water supply unit. The school – as well as the vast majority of the community of Matopeni – receives water once a week but during the dry seasons the whole community – including our school – goes without water. In such cases, pupils have to have to bring water from home for general use purposes in the school or forced to walk long distances to fetch water to be used in the school. Many times the water collected by the children is dirty and unhealthy, thus causes several diseases. In periods when water is not available at all, the school may be forced to be closed until water is available again or – to some extent – the school is forced to buy water from the street vendors who sell it at a very high price due to the high demand.

the 12 completed toilets all together 1

For a longer term solution we drilled a borehole that supplies clean water for use at the school (drinking, cooking, cleaning etc.) and in the planned vegetable garden. The garden is the sole food producer for feeding the kids during classes and those living in the rescue home.

An Australian family kindly offered a free-interest, eight-year loan to finance the borehole project. The loan will be paid back from the income we will have from selling water to local people. Drilling is finished and we were able to sell water in Mihango.

Water tanks

Even after the borehole is ready, we needed water tanks to store drilled water, which is more economical than pumping water every time we need it. Thanks togenerous donations we could buy and install two more water tanks with a total capacity of 10,000 litres – thus we have 20,000 litres in total – that enables us to store enough water for everyday use.

01_water project_GF

Piped water

Though we already have a borehole and enough watertanks to provide us with water all the time, we would like to extend our pipeline system selling water in the neighbourhood houses as this is one of our major sources of incomes that generates revenue to cover the operational costs and finance our planned developments. Increasing our revenues helps us to operate less dependently on the donations of our kind supporters.

If you wish to help to extend our revenue streaming piped water program, please contact us.