BHS construction

As there was no secondary school – either private or public – in Matopeni, most children from poor families had no chance to attend secondary school as the guardians often cannot afford to take them to schools outside Matopeni. When the elder children at B.C.C have reached an age when they needed to move on to secondary education the Boston Self Help Group decided to build a secondary school for them.

A piece of land has been donated by the local community, the building plan and budget plans has been developed. The most urgent part of the project was to build classrooms, a laboratory and a toilet block.
Thanks to donations from our kind supporter we were able to build several classrooms, including laboratory and library/teachers’ room and Boston High School was opened in January 2012.
Since we also opened a girls small girls’ dormitory within the compound and we also started a water project to have some more revenues.

However we still need a proper kitchen and dining room where student can have their food in proper conditions. Fortunately we received funds from Holland for building a kitchen and a perimeter wall around the girls’ hostel, so that building was started in Dec 2015. More info about the ongoing construction works >>

Later on we plan to extend the school and build some more classroom as with the growing need of secondary education and growing number of the students we seem to overgrow the current building.

If you wish to support the improvement or the extension of the high school buildings, please donate by using any means available. For more info about donation, please visit here.