Completed projects

Construction of BCC

In February 2008 the Construction project for a new B.C.C school was started. In this phase seven classrooms were built and water facilities – incl. six toilets – as well as electricity installation were done at the same time in a six-month period.
Eight primary school classes were built – completed in January 2009 – through donations from Holland and Finland.

The kindergarten building was completed in October 2009 through support from organizations in Holland. Thanks to all volunteers across the Globe who worked tireless to raise funds.

The kitchen and the store were completed in January 2010 through a donation of a Finnish organization.

Thanks to all who participated in the fundraising and also to the organizations that funded our Construction project so far. However to continue propagating our educational programs that benefit for all the deserving children, we need to build more classrooms that will enable us to guide children up to high school.

To continue the project further we still need funds thus we would be very grateful for any generous donations towards our building fund. We also encourage you to organize any fundraising events in your country on our behalf for the second phase of the B.C.C Construction project.


Construction of the Rescue home

A rescue home was completed in October 2009 for ten needy children who had nowhere to stay. In 2015 a new building (on the top of Kindergarten) was built for the rescue home that made our rescue home kids to live in a nice and comfortable environment, but on the other hand it also helped us to reduce the operational costs as we no longer need to pay rent for the rescue home.

Though rescue home kids have a nice and comfortable building to stay we still struggle to cover all the costs of running the rescue home. Any donations are welcome. More info >>

IMG_6012_Rescue s

Water project in BCC

In the beginning one of the biggest challenges for the Boston Children Centre was the unreliable availability of clean water and the need for water storage tanks. Water is life – a vital element for human life –, we need it for drinking, cooking and cleaning, and we use it in the toilets as well.

Due to generous donations from our friends, sponsors and donors, we were able to buy and install couple of water tanks – with a capacity of 27,000 litres in total – in Boston Children Centre and the rescue home.

Fortunately we were able to drill a borehole as well that is mostly used in our Farm to grow vegetables used to feed the neediest kids during school periods and those who are living in the rescue home.

As a result of all the earlier supports we got from our friends and sponsors, we are now able to sell water to those living around. This helps us to earn some money that could be used to develop the school, but also helps those people as they can get water more cheaply and they do not need to walk long for getting water.

04_water project s

Thanks a lot for all our friends, sponsors and donors for their support that enabled us to complete all these projects. Without your donations we could not have made it.