Looking for sponsor in primary

Children in our primary school who needs a sponsor most urgently are the following:


The father on rare occasions when called upon serves as herdsman in a slaughter house here in Matopeni. The little he gets during such invitations is insufficient to support the big family. The mother does odd jobs such laundry that is not a daily guarantee that she will get, it is by luck. The family is staring at real poverty in the face.
The family is undergoing under hard times and frustrations following the father’s job-loss as a casual labourer in a factory that was downsizing.As the sole bread-winner,his efforts to acquire another job has been futile.The mother relies on the little she gets by washing clothes to people in the neighbourhood occasionally.
They are twin sisters. Their father depends on any manual work piece he is called to do so that he can provide for the family. The children used to stay with their guardian back at the rural but because of the poor education back in the village, they were forced to come and stay with their mother in their one bedroom house at Matopeni estate. They do everything together.
The mother passed away and left behind 3 children. Victor’s father was depending on little he used to get from collecting garbage around the estate. The little he was being given is what the family was relaying on. It reached a point the father started getting some mental difficulties hence forced the father from doing what he used to do and the children had it rough. They started picking plastics and selling them and even feed from what was being thrown away as waste. The area leader saw the children and felt sorry for them and they were brought to rescue home. Victor was then found to be a very intelligent boy and teachers loved him so much. If assisted we believe Victor can achieve what he wants to be in life.
Edwin’s parents had been both working at a quarry site breaking stones for a living for quite some time now.
A year ago, there was nothing they were earning from it. The father felt frustrated and saw it better to be garbage urchin where he could find some wastes materials of value. The mother joined him there a few days later.
The garbage smell and the unhygienic conditions poses a health hazard to them.
The father works as a garbage collector in Matopeni where they collect garbage, distribute plastic bags for collection of garbage and picks them after a week with his group.
The little he earns is not enough to cater for all the family basic needs.
The children never get enough food. The mother is a house wife who does odd jobs such as laundry for neighbours so as to earn a little for upkeep.
He is a bright boy and very active both in class and outside the classroom.
Lack of school fees, stationery and uniform affects his concentration on studies and this affects his performance because most of the time he is sent away from school. The school administration do sympathize with him at times.
By getting someone who is in a position to assist him, we believe he will have a very bright future.
Alex wants to be an Engineer after completing his studies.
He has great passion for it.
The father passed on early 2018.he was the bread winner in the family. The mother who was a house wife then, had no alternative but to work in a quarry mine using a simple home-made hammer crushing stones. To gather the right amount for sale takes time. During the waiting period, the family finds it hard to provide for food and other necessities.
The father  works as a casual labourer in the Jua Kali (Non-formal sector)
He lives on hand to mouth.
Whatever he earns is very little for the survival of the family. The mother passed away leaving behind the kids who are currently staying with their grandmother, who with regard to grandmother’s age, she finds it hard to provide for basic needs.
The boy is very active in school.
He is focused and has the ambition to bring change in their family when he grow up. We believe his dream can only be achieved if he is supported to realize it.
He would like to be a Veterinarian. He loves pets and other domestic animals.
Aaron is the second born in a family of 4.He is currently in class six. His other brothers are Tony and Elvis.They are in class eight and six respectively. The children stay with their mother who separated from the husband due to frequent family quarrels and fights. She feared for her life and that of the children because the husband was abusive and aggressive.She fled with the children. She used to work as a casual labourer in a salon but she lost her job as the business was downsizing. Currently, she depends on the occasional laundry services that she gets from neighbours to keep the family going. It is not easy for her as a single mother to bring up her family in the slum. They sometimes have to do with a single meal per day. Aaron wants to be a doctor.
She was brought up by a single mother who passed on a year ago after a long battle with colon cancer. Her aunt took care of her and her brother. The aunt herself has three children. Without a proper source of income, she depends on the little she gets from washing clothes in the neighbourhood. That comes on rare occasions being a slum area, income is not stable. She is bright and would like to be a designer in future.
The mother was involved in a road accident and died instantly. The father is a casual labourer who works occasionally at construction sites. The little he earns that he receives once in a while is not enough to cater for the family needs. Loice acts as child-parent as well. In the evening, she prepares food for the family, cleans the young ones and ensures their clothing are in good condition. All these parental duties deny her time for studies. Sometimes she comes to school and dozes off in class.She wants to be a surgeon.
Milki and her brother were brought up by a single mother. The mother was employed as a casual labourer in a flower farm. Her contract was terminated as the company was downsizing. With no proper career, she felt frustrated about how she would care for her daughter. Milki is now under the care of her aunt, Bahati Ali. The mother works at a quarry mine using a simple home-made hammer to break the stones into gravel for construction.
Sarah has two brothers and a sister. With no proper job, the parents spend their time at the dumping site where at times they find recyclable items that are considered to be valuable. They sell these at a lower value. They also act as off-loaders on casual basis. The occasional income is inadequate to cater for the family needs, at times they go without food. Sarah wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
Theophas is the second born in a family of four. The father who was the sole breadwinner passed on in 2018 after a long battle with throat cancer. The mother who was a housewife then had no alternative but to seek ways to support her family. She at times performs odd jobs such were for neighbours who at times fail to pay her in time. He wants to be an electrical engineer
The mother depends on little odd chores such as washing people’s clothes to provide for the family. The father relies on almost nothing that he gets at the quarry where by sometimes there is no job to do.