Construction works are undergoing in BHS

Since Boston High School was opened in 2012 there was no appropriate kitchen where meals for boarding students could be prepared in a proper way. We only had a little shed where rain dropped in through the roof (as you can see on the first pictures). Such circumstances did not make it easy to feed the 150 boarders we.

Fortunately we recently have received funds from Holland for building a kitchen and a perimeter wall around the girls’ hostel. Due to the heavy rains caused by El Nino, construction work – especially that of the perimeter wall – was a very difficult job. There were floods all around the compound that made it very difficult to start building. However finally we could manage to start the work and we nicely proceed as you can see in the latest pictures. We hope to finish the construction works as soon as we receive the latest parts of the support from our Dutch friends. We cannot be grateful enough for this support that makes it fulfil our dream to offer quality education to needy kids.


Pictures of the constructions: