In this modern world, a learner is expected to be computer literate. This is because almost everywhere you go, computer knowledge is applied. This is why we feel the need to introduce our learners to basic computer skills early in their school life.
The computers are being used to teach the students basic skills in computing with classes being held three times a week in high school. Some of the lessons they learn are majorly on Introduction to computers, Keyboarding, Microsoft office, Simple Graphic Design, Interne and Email.
At the end of a lesson , a teacher gives an assignment to the students. This will be done during their free time and a presentation will be made in the next lesson. The students also use computers for essay writings, designing debate posters and bulletins and notices.
Early this month, we received a full computer package consisting of a HP CPU, keyboard, mouse, TFT screen, two power cords and a VGA cable from one of our sponsors, Nelleke. Thank you so much for your donation. May God bless you in plenty.
In this modern world, technology has become a major part and parcel of us. In almost every field of study and practice, computer technology and knowledge is applied. It is for this reason that at Boston, we see and feel the need to introduce our learners early to Information Technology. This will enable them acquire the basics and fundamental knowledge pertaining to computers. With our team of qualified teachers, we believe the learners will acquire firsthand information. We have a dedicated Computer Lab where learners are taught.
In our previous newsletters, we reached out to you through a humble appeal to kindly help us acquire these equipment. I am pleased to report here that we managed to get some laptops and a desktop as seen in the above photo in mid May. Special thanks goes to Drents Museum, Nelleke ,Cornie and Chris for your contribution towards this worthy course. I also want to take this golden opportunity to thank Fokelein who managed to bring all these stuff with her to Nairobi. Thank you all for the machinery and the different roles you played to ensure these products reach us safely. The laptops are of good quality and performance. Two of them are already issued to our students in University to help them in their studies.
Apart from the computers, there were gifts for the children as well consisting of clothing and toiletries. May God bless you abundantly for such a wonderful spirit of giving.
We are still in need of more of such stuff for the benefit of our children.