Boston Children Centre összes bejegyzése


This was an eventful year for us.Last year,we had fifty candidates who passed their final exam in primary and they were set to join high school.Due to the high cost of fees and boarding equipment in secondary school,many faced a challenge of not joining form one.

We approached one of our sponsor co-ordinators, Ildiko and fortunately, she managed to facilitate the education of ten of our students in form one and two in form four.

Eight of the form one students pose with their boarding equipment

These are bright but needy students who need support for a bright future.We believe that should they be supported,they will be able to pursue courses of their choice in future,acquire employment and sustain themselves.

I take this opportunity to thank you so much Ildiko,From Hand to Hand Organization for the wonderful act of giving.May God bless you all abundantly.

We have plenty of bright and needy slum children both in primary and secondary school here in Boston who are in need of support.

We are calling upon interested parties to get in touch with us and help sponsor a child.


On the 21st of January at noon, we had the pleasure to receive a team of six guests from Holland.

The team consisted of Wilma,Liesbeth, Ambroos, Pim, Annemiek and Sybren.They were welcomed by the school director,Mr.Stephen Okwaro,the teachers and the learners.

The visitors,the director,the principal together with the girls pose for a photo

The visitors had lunch with the director.Afterwards,they were taken round the school premises.They interacted with the learners in their classrooms and the teachers in their staffrooms.

They visited the school garden where we grow vegetables,beans,maize, bananas and sugarcane that we use to feed the children.

The director shares with the visitors what goes on in the school farm.

They visited the Rescue Home where some of destitute stay.

Inside the Rescue Home

The visitors toured high school as well. In high school, we have a dream to install solar power panel to enable us have a consistent power to pump our water supply for our needs and sell the rest to the community.Currently,we source electricity from the sole power provider in Kenya,Kenya Power and Lighting Company.Frequent power blackouts affects our supply. Huge monthly electricity bills also affects our income.

Boston High School water tower

We are also in the initial stages of planning to initiate a Bottled Drinking Water Project.This is aimed at creating job opportunities to those who have passed through Boston.This will also improve their living standards.

The project will also create revenue to the school and have the net income chanelled to other areas that needs improvement .

We are calling upon organizations,friends, well-wishers to help us realize the two dreams.


At the beginning of this year, we received a donation from one of our sponsors. He bought us new high school textbooks that were needed by the teachers and the students for teaching and revision purposes.

We believe these books will help improve the level of academic performance among our students.This will rank Boston at the highest level and recognition among the best performing schools in Kenya

The stationery donated by Cornelis.

In our primary section, we have a shortage of stationery as well. The textbooks we have are of old edition. The children do not have enough exercise books,pens and pencils. The pieces of chalk we use produce a lot of dust that is a health concern to both teachers and children. We are requesting for smartboards to help improve learning.

We are calling upon well-wishers,friends,organization to come to our aid.Thank you in advance.