Our mission and values

Boston Children Centre

The B.C.C aims to provide a well-rounded free education through sponsorship for all poverty-stricken orphans in Matopeni Slum and its environ regardless of their religion, tribe or gender. Our aim is to give these children the opportunity to escape poverty through quality education so that they have access to meaningful employment and full life.

Our Vision – is to build a literate, healthy, sustainable, equitable and empowered community. We want to provide young orphans with useful and necessary knowledge and skills – such as primary and secondary education, information technology skills, woodworking and sewing – that will help them to become productive and self-reliant members of the community.

Our Mission – is to facilitate sustainable development, changes in negative community attitudes, knowledge, networking and service provisioning through the availability of better education and improved vocational skills. We provide quality education to the needy of the neediest, thus ensure the well-being and improved life-quality of orphans, destitute and marginalized children in the community regardless of their religion, tribe or gender.

Core Values – in an endeavor to offer quality and efficient services to our beneficiaries, the deserving community and our supporters, the B.C.C is guided by the following values:  Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Hard work (I.T.A.H.H.).


Boston High School

Mission statement
As the homeplace of illiteracy, poverty, simple deaths and suffering in the slum of Matopeni, the Boston High School is committed to transforming lives of all children, teens and youth through provisioning of quality education, skills to excel in their career and future life. Education gives poor children equal opportunity to compete on the job market with children coming from well-off families thus enabling them eradicate poverty.

Our Vision
Providing basic and high school quality education, vocational skill training and innovative programs that help to empower orphaned and destitute teenagers, youths, families and Matopeni community as a whole to live with dignity, overcome poverty and achieve their full potential in life by the year 2025.