About Us

The Boston Schools Matopeni is a community based education centre including a kindergarten and a primary school (Boston Children Centre), a rescue home for vulnerable primary school kids (Boston Rescue Home) as well as a high school for day scholars and boarders as well (Boston High School).

Our institutions are located in Matopeni/Mihango slums on the outskirts of Kayole, Eastern district of the larger Nairobi.

The establishment of the Centre was in response to devastating poverty experienced in Matopeni Slum that leads to multitude illiteracy and school dropout of the neediest orphans and destitute children coming from poor families. The aim was to find a way of helping the neediest children – both girls and boys – to escape illiteracy. Thus we established a school where they have access to basic education to inhibit the future literacy and economic wellbeing.

We strongly believe that community is stronger if children, families and individuals have proper knowledge, education, tools and support that help them to come out of vicious circles of poverty and economic difficulties that less fortunate people might face. The school’s Board of Directors believes that empowering the young generation will empower the whole community which will then initiate meaningful developments to end poverty within the slum of Matopeni and its environs. Supporting civic and cultural programs strengthens the fabric of society as a whole and helps to give meaning to community life. We believe in supporting specific social service programs that effectively address issues of developing opportunities for underserved populations.

All needy children are welcome: poor and disadvantaged children from Matopeni Slum as well as from the neighboring estates, those who drop from other schools due to poverty and lack of school fees, uniforms or other scholastic materials.
Boston Schools supports the orphans who have lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic or other causes as well as destitute children pushed to the streets because of economic constraints affecting their families.

Starting as a primary school in the early 2000s Boston Schools Matopeni is now part of a wide-scale local community project focusing on children and education that currently involves our schools and the rescue home. However beside providing schooling we also have a small farm where we grow vegetables that we use in our feeding program and the rescue home, and the excess is sold for extra revenue. We also have a water project where we sell borehole water to those living in the neighborhood on a reasonable rate which helps them (as they can easily get clear water in an area where piped water is not available) and earns us some revenue to support our operation.