A visit to Uganda

A couple of weeks ago, school director Stephen and social worker Wendo from Boston Children Centre visited Uganda, where they participated in a course in poultry farming. They also met with colleagues engaged in similar activities as B.C.C.

The course was held in a secondary school (Rugashali Senior School) in Kagadi, located a short distance from Lake Albert on the border between Uganda and Congo-Kinshasa. The secondary school in Rugashali was founded by Gabriel, who is now the school’s director.
The leader of the course was David Ssemwogerere, who has vast experience of poultry farming at Suubi Centre in Lubanda in western Uganda. Suubi Center was founded on David’s initiative, with the support of a non-profit organization in Australia, HUG ( “Help us grow”).
The centre was built from 2010 to 2011 and consists of a secondary school and a vocational school (Suubi Secondary and vocational college), as well as a health care center. The vocational school provides training in many different fields (agriculture, tailoring, baking, knitting, mechanical repairs, etc.), and also offers training in sports, dance and drama. Impressive!
David also runs a very successful poultry farm to help poor children. The eggs that are produced in the centre are sold, which gives the children the opportunity to earn their own money and pay their school fees. The profit makes the project increasingly self-sufficient.

The experience of Suubi center is particularly interesting for B.C.C. The participants in the course have learned how to build simple chicken coops and how eggs and poultry meat are produced. They have also learned how to market the products in order to achieve maximum profit.
Stephen, in turn, shared his experiences from B.C.C. He talked about the vegetable garden, the water project and the construction process of the primary school and the secondary school. He also talked about the joys and difficulties that he faces daily in his work. The schools have contributed to significant positive changes in the community.

Stephen also talked about his experiences on the radio, on the local radio station, KKCR (Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio). This is an impressive local radio station that broadcasts 18 hours a day in 7 different languages. The broadcasts cover 10 districts and reach about one million listeners.
The radio station has a professional team of editors and hundreds of volunteers who help with producing the radio programs.

The information and experiences gained during this tour are very useful and give us the opportunity to start a chicken and eggs project in the school as well to make some more revenues. We plan to start such a project as soon as we can gather the funds need for starting.
We also got encouraged with what David is doing to his community and we wish we can also get our vocational skill training centre as well as a health centre.

For more details read Stephen’s report here.