A visit to Uganda – director’s report

Dear Friends,

We recently attended poultry farm training in a school called Rugashali Senior School in Kagadi, Uganda. The school was founded and managed by Gabriel and his community members. The training was facilitated by David Ssemogerere who has been doing poultry farming as an income generating activity for his Suubi Center project in Masaka, Uganda. The training was financially supported by Laurence, our Australian friend and supporter. I and Wendo traveled to Uganda to attend the training. We learned how to build a simple poultry house by ourselves using local materials available within our environs. We learned how to handle the hens both for meat, eggs and how and where to market the products for maximum profitmaking.

David has successfully done poultry farming to benefit poor children in his school where by poor children who cannot afford paying school fees are given chicken to keep. Eggs produced are sold and sales made trickles to the school to pay fees for that particular child. We found this as a very interesting project that can really benefit Boston School children. Out of this, kids and their families can make their own money to pay their school fees and we can use the profit to boost the projects self-reliance. From the knowledge acquired from the training we are ready to start the project and we only need seed funds to kick start it.

During the training we got opportunity to share experiences of how we started B.C.C . The ups and downs that we have passed through and the level we have reached today. I shared with them how we feed children from 1 acre vegetable garden and selling surplus venges to the community of Matopeni to make some money. I also told them about water project. That water is like gold and when you have more than enough you can still sell to the community to get some income. What we do in Matopeni really motivated so many people. David and Gabriel were moved by the idea and during the last day they invited me to share my experiences through URDT a local Radio station at Kagadi, so that many people can learn how to make profits using their pieces of land. The land within the environ of Kagadi and Rugashali is still virgin with full of fertility and yet it’s unused. People there can grow all kinds of crops and it will do very well. They also have ready market within the neighbourhood and also they can export their farm produce across to Kenya especially the yams and traditional vegetables. Kenyans love yams very much and are ready to buy. Also water, most people buy water including Gabriel who spend not less than US$5 per day the same as his neighbors and this can be a catch for him should he drill a well.

From Rugashali we traveled to David’s project in the Western part of Uganda. We realized that David is far much ahead of us where by he has vocational skills training centre for the children coming to the centre. They get orders to make sweaters for other schools around out of this they get income. He also has a health centre where mothers come to get babies and sick people within Suubi village are treated hence maintaining the health of people and getting an income at the same time. We visited some homes where hens are kept just to see practically how the chicks are kept and maintained and this really motivated us a lot to start our own project. David also has Elite backpackers business located in Masaka. It’s more of his family business and he donates 20% of the profit to sustain Suubi centre project and health center. We got encouraged with what David is doing to his community. How wish we also get our vocational skill training centre as well as Heath centre.

With much thanks,